Smoke Alarms and RCDs

Smoke Alarms and RCDs

Smoke Alarms

State legislation requires the installation and maintenance of smoke alarms in rental properties. By law, a rental property must be fitted with mains powered smoke alarms that are no more than 10 years old, in working order and permanently connected to mains power.

Where mains powered smoke alarms cannot be fitted, due to the construction of the dwelling not permitting space to conceal the wiring, or where no mains power is available, alarms with a 10 year battery life are permitted.

   Tenants are to notify the property manager immediately if the smoke alarms are not functioning properly

   Tenants are responsible for keeping smoke alarms in working order, clean, test and replace batteries. All smoke alarms have a test button that, when pressed, indicate whether the alarm is working or not.

✗    At no time can a tenant remove or relocate the smoke alarm or do anything to interfere with the alarm’s warning sound.

✗    At no time can a tenant remove or interfere with the batteries in any smoke alarm installed (other than replacing)

  Batteries in smoke alarms are, and remain, the property of your landlord. The tampering or removal of a smoke alarm battery (other than replacing) places you in serious risk of injury or harm in the event of a fire and can leave you liable to prosecution or fines.


Regulations require all residential homes to be fitted with at least two RCDs protecting all power and lighting circuits. Landlords must arrange for a minimum of two RCDs to be installed at their rental premises before offering the property for lease.

✔    Tenants should test their RCDs every three months to ensure their reliability. They should inform the property manager if the RCD does not operate.
✔    Faulty RCDs must be replaced immediately.

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