Justin Ng

Leasing Manager

Justin focuses on the plans and goals of his clients. He understands that each client is different, with different situations and perspectives. It is only after listening to the needs of his clients is when he applies his unique market knowledge to guide them to their best possible outcome.

Through his targeted marketing methods, we are confident that he will achieve the best results. Only after identifying who your property specific buyers are, does he start implementing appropriate marketing strategies to reach them. His dedication to his clients means he is not just committed to securing the best price in the shortest possible timeframe, but also to provide an easy and stress-free selling experience.

Due to his high passion for real estate, Justin is finishing a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Property and Marketing with the strong intent to develop a knowledge base which is invaluable to his clients. It is through this customer focused approach, tied with the utilization of the latest sales and marketing strategies, which give him confidence that he will always provide a positive, high quality experience for each of his clients.

What our customers say

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Justin always attended early to our meetings and certainly put in a great effort for the periods of works which we accomplished together. During this time, I found Justin very attentive and with a great work ethic. What impressed me most was his high level of initiative, enthusiasm, efficiency and willingness to get the job done, no matter the task.

Craig Bordas

Working with Justin was an incredibly enjoyable experience; his work ethic was second to none and even led me to improve my own. His passion for real estate was always evident, his focus never strayed and continued to work hard every day.

Jay Grimston