Breanna Ridge-Singh

Property Manager

Through working in the residential building industry and renovating properties, Breanna has developed not only a passion for real estate but a keen eye for a property’s potential.

Having joined the LJ Hooker community in April 2013, Breanna strives to provide the absolute best service to all owners and tenants.

At LJ Hooker we say ‘Nobody does it better’ and this is exactly what Breanna aims to prove to her clients every day.

*** Winner of the 2016 LJ Hooker World Champion Customer Service Experience - Property Management

  • Life Elite (PIM)
    Life Elite (PIM)

What our customers say

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"I would firstly like to thank Bree for her dedication and service for the last five years. Secondly a thank you to the rest of the LJ hooker staff for their assistance and service over the last 5 years. I would personally recommend Bree and LJ Hooker Vic Park to anyone that is looking for a property manager or real estate agent. I have had nothing but excellent and prompt service and every query and concern has been dealt with in a very professional but personable manner. Bree has always provided a high Caliber of tenants and we have never had any issues or concerns with our property. In the future when we require another property manager, my first point of call will be to Bree. Bree once again thank you so much for your assistance and service over the last 5 years."


Thanks for being so prompt and efficient in finding new tenants. I continue to be impressed with the attention to detail and professionalism of you and the other staff in your office in the management of my properties. You are a credit to your company. Thanks again for all your support.

Ben Van De Ruit - Landlord

Bree went beyond what we have experienced from other property managers and actually treats the properties as her own. Bree and the LJ hooker team, using their online system kept us informed at every step. Really like that. We are very thankful to have Bree look after our properties. Thanks Bree.

T and R Gott - Belmont

Well done Breanna for renting out my apartment in 1 day, the same day as settlement. Excellent wort!

Tom Bain Victoria Park

Well done Breanna for renting out my apartment in 1 day, the same day as settlement. Excellent work!

Tom Bain, Victoria Park

Just a quick note to thank you Bree for our pleasant experience with yourself and with LJ Hooker Victoria Park, You certainly are a honest & efficient professional. From the selection criteria, right throughout to assisting us with the vacate everything has been seamless due to your highly organized approach & knowledge. Thanks again for your help and assistance over the past few years.


We are more than happy with the quality service you provide. It is a comfort to know that we do not have to worry about our unit at all. We find that you are quick to respond to tenants requests as well as owner's and that nothing ever seems too much trouble for you to address. We would highly recommend(and have) L J H to those seeking a professional and courteous company.

Cathy Shoebridge

We would like to provide a testimonial in regards to the assistance and professional advice given by Breanna Ridge over the last few years we have been customers with LJ Hooker. We came to LJ Hooker at a very stressful time, as we were leaving the country to go overseas rather quickly and required assistance with our rental property. As we had experienced previous disastrous outcomes with prior tenants, we were extremely nervous about leaving the property rented at this time, however we came into contact with Bree who was considerate, kind, reassuring and professional so we left feeling much more confident with the situation and were so grateful for the time and patience shown by Bree at this time. Unfortunately as we already had tenants in our property prior to LJ Hooker take over, we did experience some rather unfortunate events with these tenants also, of which Bree handled herself directly, efficiently and with little stress on our part. We are still so grateful for this today. We would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation of a property manager who not only keeps us updated at all times, but who is honest, has answers before we can even ask the questions, pre plans and thinks ahead, is professional, efficient and always makes sure we are considered and made to feel that even our little flat is so important and a consideration in, I’m sure, her extensive property portfolio. We cannot recommend Bree highly enough and definitely know our time as missionaries in Cambodia would have been a lot harder if it wasn't for Bree’s advice, assistance and constant patience. Thank you

Kelly and Jeremy Gutteridge

Breanna Ridge has been an outstanding property manager during my time renting from LJ Hooker Victoria Park. Whenever anything was needed she didn't hesitate to rectify issues. It has been a pleasure renting from her.

Jason Briggs

Hi Bree, just a quick email to say thank you so much, for your help over the last 4 years. When I was a tenant and also when I was an owner you have always been kind and friendly and looked after me with anything that was needed. Thank you again I really appreciate all your help couldn’t of asked for a better property manager. If in the future I purchase another investment property closer to Perth I will definitely get you to manage it, thanks again.

Wes Chambers

We appreciate all your advice, assistance and professionalism over the past few years Bree.

Carl Fischer

Dear Breanna, I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your friendly, professional support during our renting with LJ Hooker Victoria Park. Both my wife and I decided to choose LJ Hooker Victoria Park as you gave us a first very professional impression during our view of the property. Indeed, the following great help from you after we moved into the property has made us life much easier and given us a nice experience with LJ Hooker Victoria Park. Thank you once again for all the great help. Yours sincerely

Peijun Gong

To whom it may concern, Breanna Ridge has been our amazing Property Manager for some time, looking after us and our property in Carlisle, Perth. Breanna is polite, friendly, approachable, but more importantly, exceptional at her job. Over the years, we have had many Property Managers, but by far Breanna is the best. She is extremely professional and always gets the job done. Late last year our tenants did “a runner” and left the property in disrepair. Breanna was onto it straight away. She informed us immediately and organised all the legal requirements necessary for us to reclaim our property. Breanna was in daily contact with us. She was always prepared with information and had already organised quotes for the work required. This should have been a stressful time for us, but because of Breanna and her complete organisation and all the options she provided us, we had the necessary information and were free to make the final decisions. We live two hours from Perth, but we were never required to be there to deal with the situation. Breanna did everything and kept us totally up to date. Looking back, I’m not sure how we would have coped without her. Although Breanna was our Property Manager, she was also our guardian Angel, who happily went above and beyond her job requirements for us. LJ Hooker is so fortunate to have such an employee and must be so proud of her. In December last year, I travelled to Perth to meet Breanna and our “Landlord Insurance” assessor at the property. (You never know how good your insurance is until you need it, even though we had been paying it for years). Had it not been for Breanna, he would have fobbed me off in a moment, stating clauses and saying we were not covered for various things. Breanna however, full of knowledge and expertise, accepted none of his bluff. Even when he tried to be aggressive and quite intimidating, Breanna did not back down. She remained calm, professional and polite at all times. Thanks to Breanna, we received a maximum insurance payout. My husband and I cannot thank Breanna enough. She is beyond wonderful and is without doubt, the best Property Manager we have ever had. Yours faithfully, Barbara Nicolao

Barbara Nicolao

Bree, We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Kevin and LJ Hooker Victoria Park staffs for you assistant provided to us during the period we rent from your agency and during the break lease process.

Sui Boon

Hi Paula I am emailing to provide some feedback on the recent service I’ve received from Breanna Ridge, who is the property manager for my investment unit in Victoria Park. Prior to my unit becoming vacant, there were issues with the existing tenants who were failing to pay the rent on time and then eventually not paying at all. Throughout the whole debacle Bree kept me informed of her communication with the tenants (and their lack of communication) and followed all procedures as far as issuing breach notices and then finally getting the flat vacated. It then took nearly three months to re-let the property, which has been a very stressful time for me in terms of lost rent, but in addition to this, I had to replace the carpets in both bedrooms due to damage by the previous tenants’ cat, plus deal with a few other bits and pieces. Bree gave me excellent advice and support in terms of sorting out Landlords Insurance and has taken charge of submitting an application for compensation for not only the unpaid rent, but also to cover the cost of the carpets and a few other items. She has been most patient with me as far as keeping me on track with the documents I’ve needed to give her and with answering my questions about the insurance claim and also with accessing the bond. Overall, I suspect that this wasn’t a particularly unusual or difficult scenario for Bree to deal with as I’ve no doubt it happens fairly regularly. For me, it was quite a shock and was the first time I’ve had this sort of thing happen so I was hugely grateful to have Bree’s experience and knowledge on my side. As the business owner, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated Bree’s professionalism and expertise in sorting this out for me. I feel that I definitely got my money’s worth. Bree was always approachable and willing to discuss things, and didn’t seem to mind how often she had to repeat things (I’m sure there was some eye-rolling happening once she hung up the phone from me!). She is a great communicator and made sure I had regular updates on what was happening, either by email or phone. I’d appreciate it if you could pass this feedback on to Bree and make sure that she gets the recognition that she deserves. I have other investment properties with different agents in Perth and I have to say the service I get from Bree is by far the most outstanding. I am happy for all or part of this email to be reproduced onto Bree’s profile. Regards


Dear Paula My name is Antonio Piscone and my wife and I have been a tenant for one of your agency's properties since 2013. I am writing to you to personally thank Breanna and all the staff for making our experience so smooth and enjoyable. We have loved this property and have felt at home for the whole time. Breanna has been very professional throughout our experience and has always been punctual in getting back to us. We will certainly recommend her and LJH in Victoria park to friends and family looking at real estate services. Thanks again for everything. Best regards

Antonio Piscone

To whom it may concern, My name is Don Clay and I have been renting a property from L J Hooker Victoria Park, namely Breanna Ridge for the past 14 years. In this time I have had issues with maintenance as you can imagine over this long period. In the complex of seven there have been issues where the Body Corporate manager could not find Tradies to fix the sewerage. I rang Hookers and they gave me the names of two guys who would be able to do the job which I passed on. The Manager said the rate was very reasonable and the guy did a great job. He also thanked L J’s for their help. I cite the above as only one example but over the years they have assisted me promptly and always communicated with me as to where they were at with any issues. The owners were overseas for a number of years which made contact hard with the time difference but as I say it was always done in a timely manner and the utmost of professionalism. If I were an owner of a property I would have no issue in leaving it in the capable hands of this team. They are respectful to both the owners and myself. Communication both ways I believe is no issue for them. As I have to leave to take on a new challenge I thank Bree and her team for the past affiliation and I am sure all of their client's owners and tenants will be dealt with in a courteous and efficient manner.

Don Clay

To Whom It May Concern: I would like to praise Breanna Ridge of LJ Hooker for her commendable service as a property manager. Breanna was the property manager of the house which I rented for the last year. She was highly professional throughout the year and very prompt in reply to any queries. Breanna was able to deal with difficult issues very diplomatically and was very respectful to both parties when problems arose between the owner and the tenant. Her dealings were always efficient and well organised. I have no hesitation in highly recommending her competency and professionalism as a property manager. Kind Regards,

Stacey Cubitt

The most important impact of the 15-month communication with LJ Hooker Victoria Park was to raise our expectations from a property manager and a property management department, making it difficult for us to be happy with what the other real estate companies are offering. Among all the positive aspects, are the highly organized process at contract commencement, fulfilling the initial tenants requirements and being responsive and caring at those times their attention is required. The next time there is a chance for us to work with LJ Hooker Victoria Park, we definitely do not hesitate to.

Bahar and Roozbeh

To whom it may concern, I am writing this letter to endorse the excellent customer service I have received from Miss Breanna Ridge. On behalf of Sukiman and myself I would like to say thank you for taking care of us for the last one year. From the beginning to the end of our rental contract with LJ Hooker Breanna has shown an professional manner throughout. She's always been a good listener when problems arise. There is no bias in her way of solving issues between tenants and owners, she's always been objective, considerate, patient and friendly. Breanna was such a pleasure to deal with, we have no hesitation in recommending her service. Yours Faithfully

Kaixin Fan

Dear Bree We are writing to thank you for your 2+ years support for us. Firstly, we want to thank you for your kind help to discuss the extension our contract with the owner. Secondly, you’re always quick response when any problem is reported in the property. As a tenant, we really appreciate you for your help! Finally, we are impressed that you organised the bond return for us so quickly after we move out of the property. Therefore, we want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help and wish you all the best! We have no hesitation to recommend you to our friends and family and would be pleased to have you as an agent when the times comes again. Regards

Diwu & Haiou

Bree - thank you so you so much for such an easy, problem free year! You made renting through LJ Hooker a breeze, making sure any of our concerns or problems were solved quickly and painlessly. It was such a pleasure having a friendly, down-to-earth agent to deal with and we will miss your professionalism and attentiveness. With many thanks,

Sarah and Patrick

With your team, we’ve experienced nothing but friendly service and whatever silly questions we had or when something needed attending to, your team was on the ball and had us looked after immediately. A BIG thank you to yourself, Bree and to Vanessa and the rest of the crew. As I said below, if we weren’t moving overseas, we’d be sticking to LJ Hooker as our preferred agency.

Annie Bosshammer

I just wanted to say what a pleasure it's been dealing with Bree throughout my tenancy in Vic Park. She always got back to me promptly when I had questions or needed to get something fixed in the house. And more importantly she bent over backwards to make things easy for me and my family when it came time for us to leave and move interstate. I've dealt with many rental companies over the last 5 years, and more often than not have been disappointed in their service. With LJ Hooker it has been the opposite and I have been pleasantly surprised by their high standards, and personal approach. Thanks Bree for always taking the time to make us feel important!

Anna Cajzner

Thank you very much for your professionalism, it was really easy & great to have you as our property manager Kind Regards,

Peter & Victoria (tenants)

“Bree Ridge has been the property manager for a property I recently acquired. From the outset, Bree has been very professional and helpful in all dealings. All queries I had were answered promptly and a few issues came up along the way which Bree dealt with immediately and assisted in resolving. It has been a pleasure working with Bree and I wish her all the best”

Jocelyn Foo

Hi Bree Both N and C are extremely happy with your management style. They were particularly pleased that when Kathy left there wasn't yet another change in the person who actually carries out their property reviews and we believe that we have you to thank for that. Even though pictures are taken and reports written, constant changes to the person who actually views the properties on a regular basis has been of concern in the past. We feel that you listen to our concerns and offer excellent advice. Many thanks for your help. Sincerely,


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  • Life Elite (PIM) - Aug 2020
  • Annual International - World Champion Property Investment Manager - Customer Experience - Aug 2016
  • Annual WA - Top Customer Experience (Property Investment Management) - Aug 2016